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Welcome to (SNN), where stamp and cover collectors from across the USA and around the world share in this GREAT hobby also known as philately. You can use this website and the following Site Map to uncover stamp information sources, buying and selling opportunities, and news and articles that will enhance your hobby pleasure and profit.

Our history, going back to the first issues of Mekeel's Weekly in 1891 and STAMPS Magazine in 1932, is built on the participation of newcomers to the hobby who went on to philatelic leadership and greatness, including more than a dozen members of the American Philatelic Society Hall of Fame.

Our mission is to add as much enjoyment to your hobby as we possibly can. With that in mind, please tell us:

• What you enjoy most about this site and our publications and products.
• And how we can further improve your collecting pleasure and profit.

John F. Dunn, Publisher

What's New at for November!

NEW! Black Friday Fall Holiday Stamp Specials
This front cover from the January 27, 1906 Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News Magazine inspired us to add these stamps to our specials:
The Jamestown set and the Piligrim Tercentenary
Click above to see these notable stamps inspired by the early settlers of this country.

NEW! Farley Stamps and Farleys Reference Manual!
NEW! The Fifth (1956 New York) U. S. International Revisited

Dealers—December 30th is the Deadline to place your Ad in the January 22nd, Special Edition of the 1966 Great U.S. International Stamp Shows of the Past Century! Covered here including the World Stamp Show -NY 2016!

Dealers - Place your Ad in the next Special Editions of Mekeel's and Stamps Magazine. The next special edition will feature the 1966 International Stamp Show, with the latest news on the World Stamp Show - NY 2016. The Deadline to place your Ad is December 30, 2015. Click here to place your Ad.

Your Ad will be in both and Mekeel's & Stamps Magazine which will also be distributed at AmeriStamp Expo, Atlanta, GA on January 29 - 31, 2015. On the web your Ad reaches a world stamp community!

Click here for the latest news from the organizers of WSS-NY 2016, followed by coverage of the First, Second, Third and Fourth United States International Philatelic Exhibitions.

Charlie Brown Christmas Stamps Issued, October 1, 2015

Charlie Brown Christmas Stamp with Snoopy's dog house decorated for Christmas and Charlie Brown placing the finishing touch on a little Christmas Tree! USPS 2015 Charlie Brown Stamps

Charlie Brown Christmas Forever Stamps
Click for: Charlie Brown Christmas,10 designs with scenes from the 1965 special 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'.

Enjoy the many 2015 stamps: Paul Newman Forever Stamp - Issued on September 18th, Celebrate Forever Stamp - Reissued on September 9th, Geometric Snowflakes Forever Stamps (4 designs) - new issue coming October 23, and many more! Click for our USPS page on to see our 2015 display!


Take a look back in time . . . 1947 CIPEX Show - NY

This is the Fourth Special Edition of Mekeel's & Stamps Magazine with coverage of the 1947 Fourth International Philatelic Exhibition (CIPEX) & the latest news on World Stamp Show - NY 2016!

Click here to go directly to Mekeel's & Stamps Magazine Fourth Special Edition! [PDF Document] giving you a glimpse of the 1947 CIPEX Show! Stamp News Publishing can send you back through the years to the early International Stamp Shows in the U.S. Come along and see how organizers put together these great international stamp shows!

Image Left: 1947 Stamp Seal for the International Philatelic Exhibition, New York, U. S. A.


USPS - 10 Future 2016 New Stamp Issues Now Listed on

Sarah Vaughan Forever Stamp, USPS 2016

Sarah Vaughan Forever Stamp
Click for: 2016 Sarah Vaughan, Jazz and pop singer commemorated in the Music Icon Series.

Enjoy the many new forever stamps being issued in 2016: Pets, Botanical Art, Repeal of the Stamp Act, Indiana Statehood, Richard Allen - Black Heritage, Quilled Paper Heart and many more! Click for our USPS page on to see our 2016 display!

Nasa's Flyby of Pluto, Pluto Explored  

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