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World of Topicals: The Olympics

A poster created for the 1906 Olympics showing the Panathinaiko Stadium and a capacity crowd watching the events.

This comprehensive study is a compilation of material from various articles that have appeared in Mekeel’s & STAMPS Magazine over the years. An article from the July 12, 1952 STAMPS Magazine is used as a chronological stream that will take us through the 1948 London Olympics, and will bring in information and images from a Feldman Olympics Auction viewing from the October 5, 2007 Mekeel’s & STAMPS as well as material from the January 29, 2010 Mekeel’s Weekly that has been posted to the Stamp News Now Mekeel’s Article Archives and a July 2012 Stamp News Online Olympics Collections display.

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The Mysterious Earthscapes “Error”—Major Error or Minor Hoax? Can you shed some light on this rare stamp pane?

Letter from our Anonymous Mailer

“Hello, I came across this stamp which I found very unusual. After talking with several people including some stamp collectors (who offered to purchase it from me) I realized it might be worth more than they offered me. No one seems to be able to shed any light on this rare stamp pane! I have enclosed a color copy of the rare pane and a black and white of what the original stamp pane looks like. There are several mistakes on this pane. The …

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The Moon Global Forever Stamp issued February 22, 2016Pets Forever Stamp now available at your local
U. S. Post Office! This issuance recognizes America's love of pets. The stamp art for the Pets booklet features 20 photographs. Each photograph represents an animal from . . .

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Welcome to (SNN), where stamp and cover collectors from across the USA and around the world share in this great hobby also known as philately. You can use this website and the following Site Map to uncover stamp information sources, buying and selling opportunities, and news and articles that will enhance your hobby pleasure and profit.

Our history, going back to the first issues of Mekeel's Weekly in 1891 and STAMPS Magazine in 1932, is built on the participation of newcomers to the hobby who went on to philatelic leadership and greatness, including more than a dozen members of the American Philatelic Society Hall of Fame.

Our mission is to add as much enjoyment to your hobby as we possibly can. With that in mind, please tell us:

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John F. Dunn, Publisher


2016 USPS New Stamp Issues Now Listed on

National Park Stamps - Acadia National Park Stamp USPS 2016

National Parks Forever Stamps now available at your local post office!
16 different stamps celebrates the Centennial of the National Park Service.The stamp to your left depicts two bison silhouetted in Yellowstone National Park's winter morning sun . . .

Click for: 2016 National Parks Stamps, and the many new stamps being issued by the USPS for 2016!


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