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2018 - 2017 Canada Post New Issues

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Canada Post Remembers Its Heroes
— 2018 | Canada Armistice 1918 * 2018

On October 24 Canada Post issued a single stamp in a sheetlet and booklet pane to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

After more than four years of bitter struggle, the fighting in the First World War came to an end at “the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918. This stamp celebrates the silencing of the guns and commemorates those who fought and died for peace. Of the more than 650,000 Canadians who served with the Allies, over . .

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History of Hockey
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— 2017 | Canada, US joint stamp issue

In a joint issue with the United States, Canada Post will issue a souvenir sheet with a pair of stamps whose design is intended to celebrate and reflect on the history of hockey. The souvenir sheet, which will be revealed during the October 20 dedication ceremony in Detroit, Mich., features a scene that illustrates the evolution of the sport across generations. 

The player on one stamp wears a contemporary uniform, using modern equipment; on the other a player is wearing vintage garb and using old-fashioned equipment. The tete-beche (attached head to tail) stamps are arranged to mirror each other

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Canada Post 2017 - Mathieu Da Costa Stamp - Black History

Canada Salutes Mathieu Da Costa
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— 2017 | Mathieu Da Costa

Catching up with new issues from Canada Post, the annual Black History Month stamp for 2017 commemorates a historical figure who continues to fascinate and confound scholars.

Admittedly little is known about Mathieu Da Costa. From the few records that remain, historians conclude he was a free man who earned a living as an interpreter for Europeans who were trading with Indigenous people in the New World. Believed to be of African or even Euro-African descent, his connection to Canada came in the year 1608—the year Samuel de Champlain founded the city of Québec—when Da Costa signed a contract to . . .

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Canada Post - Lunar New Year Stamp - Year of the Rooster

Canada Adds to Lunar New Year Series
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— January 9, 2017 | Year of the Rooster

On January 9 Canada Post greeted the Year of the Rooster with a two-stamp issue, the ninth in its most recent series honoring the Lunar New Year. A Permanent domestic-rate stamp featuring a rooster image, with its chest proudly puffed out, is paired with an international-rate stamp offering a close-cropped profile view of the rooster’s stately face. Both images are created from lines of gold foil.

"Canada Post is proud to celebrate the vibrant and festive occasion that is the Lunar New Year, which is marked by Canadians of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and other East Asian heritage," said Canada Post President and CEO Deepak Chopra. “The annual unveiling of this stamp issue has become . . .

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