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The Herman Herst Jr. Library

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Still More Stories to Collect Stamps By - by Herman Herst, Jr. More Stories to Collect Stamps By - by Herman Herst, Jr.

Still More Stories To Collect Stamps By

The last book written by the most famous philatelic writer of the 20th century, Still More Stories… brings together 76 articles as only Herman Herst, Jr., could tell them, supplemented by dozens of photos for the first time ever in a Herst book.

More Stories To Collect Stamps By

As described by the author himself, "this book is primarily a fun book," a supplement to his highly successful previous books. It is a compilation of outstanding articles published in the major stamp periodicals as well as new articles found only in this book.


Nassau Street by Herman Herst, Jr. Fun and Profit in Stamp Collecting, by Herman Herst Jr.

Nassau Street

The most famous of Herman Herst’s books, Nassau Street takes us back to the time when stamps were the most popular hobby in the world. Written as only “Pat” Herst can, it describes the events and the colorful characters who made Nassau Street their business home and a mecca for stamp collectors everywhere.

Fun and Profit in Stamp Collecting

Valuable reading for all collectors, this book will teach you how to make some money while enjoying your hobby. Even more important it will reveal the financial pitfalls to which too many collectors unwittingly succumb.

The Best of Herst's Outbursts by Herman Herst, Jr. The Compleat Philatelist by Herman Herst, Jr.

The Best of Herst's Outbursts

The house organ of Herman Herst, Jr., Herst’s Outbursts were published from 1934, when he was in England to 1973, when he retired. Still as readable today as they were then, when thousands of collectors waited for each issue, this book truly brings together “The Best.”

The Compleat Philatelist

As the name suggests, The Compleat Philatelist covers all phases of the hobby of "philately"—including the meaning of the word and how it came to be applied to stamp collecting.


Pamphlets by Herman Herst, Jr. & Edith Herst Silverstein

Tucked away in unprocessed boxes I have been carrying around for decades were some pamphlets. These were what remained after I dispersed a stock of Herst's Outbursts to collectors after I purchased his home in Shrub Oak, N.Y.

(We would like to give these away at no charge, but they are in such short supply that we need to make sure they get into the hands of those who will most appreciate them. - John F. Dunn)

Dirty Pool by Herman Herst, Jr. She Was A Character by Herman Herst, Jr.

Dirty Pool

—A Sherlock Holmes tale by Herman Herst, Jr.

One such discovery was about a dozen copies of "Dirty Pool", a short story written by Herman Herst, Jr. As a member of the Baker Street Irregulars of New York, Dirty Pool earned for Herst the Irregular Ten Shilling Award in 1968. In it we learn that “Holmes’ abilities in so many different fields became known with each new story, but not until ‘Dirty Pool’ was his having been a competent philatelist recognized in the literary world."

"Dirty Pool" available for $8.

She Was A Character

—A tribute to Lillian Myers Herst by Herman Herst, Jr. and Edith Herst Silverstein

The other discovery was a small treasure for Herst fans.

A tribute to their mother by Herman Herst, Jr. and Edith Herst Silverstein, this pamphlet is a must read by anyone who has enjoyed the writings of “Pat” Herst. "She Was a Character" could just as easily be “He Was a Character,” as the parallels between Herman Herst, Jr. and his mother are many—right down to the striking resemblance.

These recollections were originally published in “Stories to Collect Stamps By,” now long out of print.

"She Was A Character" available for $8.