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Special Delivery Pages

Special Delivery Pages available for purchase

Much has been written about the Special Deliveries since the first one was issued in 1885. The set of 23 stamps, Sc. E1-E23 reflects the evolution of the movement of the mails as well as changes in production during the time Special Delivery stamps were issued.

We have created a set of pages that covers the "E"s, starting with background information and a brief history of the Special Delivery service. As the early issues also offer identification challenges that do affect their value, we also have created an identification guide to each issue—and we finish the project with pages on which you can mount a set of singles.

Click here to access the Special Delivery Pages Order Form [PDF Format].

We also offer many of the Special Delivery Stamps as mint or used singles and as plate blocks. Click here to access that price list, then either print it out and use it to mail in your order or use our Stamp Sales Order Form [PDF Format]. If you have any questions, contact us at jd@stampnewsnow.com or call us toll free on our business cell phone number at (603) 424-7556. Thank you.