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The Farleys Reference Manual for Stamp Collectors

"Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park", Plate Block, Scott 760, 1933.

"Mt, Rainier, Mt. Rainier National Park", Plate Block, Scott 758. 1934.

Farleys Reference Manual

We start with the Forerunner original stamps, trace the history of the Farley issues, then illustrate examples of the various collectible formats in full color. Click to purchase the Farleys Reference Manual. Click to see a sample of the Farleys Reference Manual!

A Brief Introduction to the Farley Stamps
Today The Farleys are a popular collecting specialty, but when they were first discovered they were a source of considerable controversy as collectors discovered that a favored few had received Special Printings. Even after they were made generally available, some collectors felt they should not be listed in the Scott Catalogue.

But listed they were—and in the formats that their sale in full uncut sheets made possible. So, you can collect line or gutter pairs—vertical and horizontal—and cross gutter or center line blocks. There also are arrow blocks and plate blocks. And as sets and pieces can be added one issue or format at a time, this "neat collectibility" factor makes it exceptionally easy to build a complete collection. Add in the appeal of the designs and the subjects, and you can appreciate why The Farleys have become so popular with intermediate and advanced collectors.

Perhaps most important, another inherent value in building a Farleys Collection is that despite their scarcity, all of the varieties are still within the budget of most collectors. Even the rarest piece—the Center Line Block of the beautiful "Great Seal of the United States" Air Post Special Delivery, Scott 771, of which only 5,734 were printed is priced at just $42.50—as you will see in our "Collect The Farleys" Price List.

Farley Stamps Price List

We have assembled some of the finest Farley stamps to add to your collection. Click here for the Farley Stamps price list!