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Taxes, Philatelists and The Boston Tea Party — Article Archive

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Boston Tea Party Stamps
Boston Tea Party Stamps: Issued by the U.S. Postal Service in 1973

Don’t Like Taxes? Then You’re a “Philatelist”

by John F. Dunn

If you or someone you know collects stamps, then you may be among the few who
know that “philatelist” is a fancy-sounding word for “stamp collector”.

Stamp collectors who think they know more about stamp collecting than other stamp collectors like to call themselves “philatelists.” To truly qualify as a philatelist, you need to know what the word means.

Most “philatelists” know this. Many “stamp collectors” do not. ‘In the beginning’ “philately” had nothing to do with collecting stamps. “Philatélie” is a combination…

Enter The Tea Party

No, not the current political movement, but the 1773 Boston Tea Party. Actually, that Tea Party was not a protest against taxes as such, but a protest against taxation without representation. The patriots who tossed the tea into Boston Harbor were not against any and all taxes, but were against taxes that…

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