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Marvel Comics Stamps — Article Archive

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Marvel Super Heroes Set from Royal Mail

by John F. Dunn

On March 14 British Royal Mail released a Marvel Super Hero set of stamps collectible products. The 15-stamp set features some of the most popular Super Heroes from the comic books.

Ten stamps show Spider-Man; Hulk; Thor; Iron Man; Doctor Strange; Captain Marvel; Peggy Carter; Black Panther; Captain Britain and Union Jack. A further five stamps are part of an exclusive short comic strip story contained in a miniature sheet. Royal Mail provided background information on each of the characters in the set:

Doctor Strange - Once a brilliant yet vain neuro-surgeon, Stephen Strange sought out the help of the Ancient One when his hands were badly damaged in a car crash. Strange’s path led him to become a Master of the Mystic Arts and Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, protecting the world from evil forces. . . .

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